Etik Kurallar


Codes of ethics represent “COLLECTIVE PRINCIPLES” that consist of the codes of conducts followed by shareholders employees, customers and implemented by the company in affairs with all segments supported within the framework of the social responsibilities. Codes of ethics have been created with the purpose of increasing service quality, using resources effectively, preventing the unfair competition and regulating the affairs with the employees within the company. Codes of ethics are of great importance with respect to improving the reputation of the company and establishing stability and reliability within the company. Kiler REIC ensures adherence to the codes of ethics and carries out inspections for determining the compliance.


Compliance to the relevant legislations, national and international rules and regulations is ensured with the corporate regulations. All reports and books are kept in accordance with the national and international accounting principles.


A fair, healthy and safe working environment is created. Employees are offered equal opportunities in connection with the recruitment and career development without making any discriminations.
Recruiting the right number of employees in parallel with the work load is important and controls are carried out for taking leaves on regular basis and not extending the working hours. Attention is paid to ensure that employees use their rights arising from the relevant legislation in full and on time.


Kiler REIC does not breach the legislative provisions and company regulations during management process and its operations. It makes effort to use the investments of the shareholders in optimal way and create added value. Shareholders are given equal value regardless of the number of share certificated owned. Financial position, the current company organization and recent changes, commercial activities and performance are updated and disclosed to shareholders transparently and regularly.
Ultimate care is given to the implementation of the transparency principle with the purpose of access to information by shareholders, beneficiaries and suppliers. Importance is attached to supporting the development works in order to allow timely access to information.
The information requests of the shareholders are responded in the shortest time possible except for requests concerning the confidential and commercial information that are not disclosed to public. Ultimate effort is displayed for ensuring the participation of shareholders to the general assembly meeting.

Corporate Governance Principles;

Beneficiaries are provided clear, accurate, transparent and complete information in timely manner in connection with all services and transactions.
Strict compliance to corporate governance principles is ensured.
Transparency principle is adhered to with all information disclosed to the public.


Operations are carried out strictly in order to develop the real estate property sector in Turkey, make marketing-sale activities effective, protect the joint interests of the shareholders and ensure continued reliability within the sector.
Honest and fair steps are taken and laws are complied with while competing with the competitors.

Conflict of Interests;

Employees cannot use their powers and positions towards serving to their self-interests, interests of their family members or third persons. All kinds of measures are taken in order to prevent conflict of interests. None of the employees are allowed to gain advantages from company operations; they are not allowed to use company assets, information and positions for self-interests and enter into competition with the company.
Employees pay attention to their company expenditures and act with the awareness of saving and financial cost.

Social Responsibility and Environment;

Importance is attached to the protection of the environment and wild life, consumer rights and public health and the relevant rules are complied with.
All operations are carried out in accordance with the social interests and respect to the environment.
Ultimate attention is paid to protect the environment in the course of all operations.
All financial liabilities to the state are fulfilled in accordance with the relevant legislation.


Employees are selected among honest, reliable, responsible persons with certain level of experience of knowledge who attach importance to the codes of ethics and moral values.
They make effort to increase the profitability and market share of the company and they fulfil their tasks in the best way possible. They always represent the company in the best way, they act in compliance with the laws and corporate regulations. They work with care, discipline in a devoted manner, they make effort to improve their professional competencies and experiences.
They make effort for the proper and effective use of the company assets and resources, they prevent them to be used for personal purposes.
They do not take charge in any other area of activity outside the company.
They show ultimate attention to compliance with the codes of ethics and consult to the competent authorities in order to take the necessary actions in case of noncompliance.
They are careful and temperate in their relationships with each other.
They support audits in the course of their activities and provide the required aid and assistance.
Employees and executives implement codes of ethics principles in all operations. These codes are implemented in all communications with the media in and outside the company including the internet and e-mails.