Referans Başakşehir Vadi

Referans Başakşehir Vadi

Referans Başakşehir Vadi Referans Başakşehir Vadi

Project Info

Address: Başakşehir 5. Etap Yeşilvadi Cd. No:6 Başakşehir

Tel: 444 5 111




Developer Company: Kiler REIT

Contractor: Biskon Yapı A.Ş.

Contract Type: Revenue Sharing and Flat for Land

Land Area: 8.607,80 m²

Total Salable / Leasable Area: ~30.400 m²

Start Date: 2018

End Date: 2020

Başakşehir, the rising value of Istanbul, is now taking on a completely different face with a brand-new project: With Referans Başakşehir Vadi, Başakşehir is now “another city”... With this project that fully meets your standards of comfort and safety and the expectations of you and your loved ones from a living space, in the light of our common values, the precious life you desire in Istanbul is calling you. Referans Başakşehir Vadi is being constructed with an advanced architectural understanding equipped with the latest technology. Equipped with all the advanced possibilities of modern life, the details of the project are carefully designed for your comfort and safety. The aesthetic details of the project, which is shaped by the awareness of being the lucky owners of a rooted and unique cultural heritage from the past, are specially designed with this understanding. Referans Başakşehir Vadi, which is very close to Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge connection and the 3rd airport, allows you to spend more time with your loved ones with its location adjacent to the metro and public transportation lines. It is up to you to discover the most beautiful sides of Istanbul with every moment we save for you from traffic.